Quickly get Straight to Smart about what's moving interest rates in 2024 and beyond!

Derivative Logic brings years of capital market experience to this 30-minute webinar. Click below to get eye-opening perspectives from experts you trust on how interest rate movements are impacting your business and what you should do now to protect yourself and prosper!

Join us to gain deep insight into these important topics:

• Will the US avoid economic chaos in 2024?

• When could the first Fed rate cut happen?

• Is borrowing at a fixed rate a good idea or not?

• Will rate cap costs come down?

• What are the top strategies to navigate today's high rate environment?

Presented by

Jim Griffin is your presenter, bringing crucial information you need to know. Jim has decades of capital markets experience and the ability to explain it all clearly and crisply. Enjoy 30 minutes of not-to-be-missed insights into the interest rates impacting you and your business.

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